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375 Clever Curling Team Names For Everyone

Welcome to the ultimate guide to curling team names!

Discover over 385 creative and fun team name ideas categorized into classic, funny, unique, and more to help you find the perfect name for your curling team.

Classic Curling Team Names

Traditional Curling Team Names

  1. The Sweepers
  2. Curling Legends
  3. Stone Rollers
  4. The Curlers
  5. House Heroes
  6. The Ice Masters
  7. Sweep Squad
  8. The Broomers
  9. Rock Stars
  10. The Pebble Pushers

Names Inspired by Curling History

  1. Scottish Stones
  2. Brier Champions
  3. Granite Guardians
  4. Roaring Game
  5. The Rink Rats
  6. The Curling Club
  7. Ice Kings
  8. Bonspiel Winners
  9. Heritage Hurlers
  10. The Frosty Four

Timeless Curling Terms and Phrases

  1. The Hammerheads
  2. Endgame Experts
  3. The Button Busters
  4. Sheet Sweepers
  5. The Skip’s Squad
  6. House Hunters
  7. The Hogliners
  8. Guardians of the Guard
  9. The Draw Masters
  10. Freeze Frame

Additional Classic Names

  1. Ice Invaders
  2. Rock Solid
  3. Broom Bravado
  4. The Curling Crew
  5. The Sweep Team
  6. The Ice Rink Rebels
  7. Granite Gladiators
  8. Stone Slingers
  9. The Pebble Pals
  10. The House Rockers

More Traditional Inspirations

  1. Sweep Seekers
  2. The End Ends
  3. Stone Cold Curlers
  4. The Broom Brigade
  5. Freeze Freaks
  6. The Draw Drivers
  7. Guardians of Granite
  8. The Ice Sheets
  9. Hogline Hustlers
  10. Curling Crusaders

These classic names capture the essence of curling, drawing on its rich history, traditional terms, and timeless appeal. Whether you’re a competitive team looking to honor the sport’s heritage or a casual group wanting a solid, reliable name, these options are sure to inspire.

curling team names

Funny Curling Team Names

Puns and Wordplay

  1. Curl Power
  2. Rock ‘n’ Rollers
  3. Sweeping Beauties
  4. Broom with a View
  5. Ice, Ice Baby
  6. Curl Jam
  7. Stone Cold Curlers
  8. Sweep the Leg
  9. Curl Scouts
  10. The Broomstick Bunch

Humorous References to Curling Techniques

  1. The Sheet Streakers
  2. The Sweep Dreams
  3. The Pebble Puckers
  4. The Hogline Hooligans
  5. The Freeze Frames
  6. Button Mashers
  7. Rock Bottoms
  8. The Guard Goofballs
  9. The Draw Dorks
  10. The Takeout Artists

Light-hearted and Quirky Names

  1. The Frosty Flakes
  2. Ice Breakers
  3. Curling Comedians
  4. The Chuckling Curlers
  5. The Ice Cubes
  6. Snow Patrol
  7. Sweepin’ It Real
  8. The Rink Rascals
  9. Cold Comedy Crew
  10. Rocky Road Runners

Additional Funny Names

  1. The Curltastics
  2. Broom Service
  3. Curling Clowns
  4. The Stone Age
  5. The Pebble Pushovers
  6. The Ice Capades
  7. The Hurlers
  8. Slippery Slopes
  9. Sweeping Silliness
  10. The Jokesters

More Humorous Inspirations

  1. Frozen Funnies
  2. Rink-a-Dinks
  3. The Curling Cartoons
  4. Sweeping Sensations
  5. The Ice Jokers
  6. Rock and Roll
  7. The Cold Cutters
  8. The Chuckleheads
  9. Sweepstakes Winners
  10. Curling Crack-Ups

These funny names are perfect for teams that want to bring a sense of humor and fun to the ice. Whether you’re looking to make your opponents laugh or just want a light-hearted name for your casual team, these puns, wordplay, and quirky references are sure to add some joy to your curling experience.

Unique Curling Team Names

Creative and Original Names

  1. Ice Mavericks
  2. Granite Guardians
  3. Frozen Fusion
  4. Arctic Warriors
  5. Chill Chasers
  6. The Ice Whisperers
  7. Stone Slingers
  8. The Frostbite Force
  9. The Glacial Giants
  10. The Polar Pioneers

Names with Unique Meanings

  1. Crystal Crusaders
  2. Eternal Ice
  3. The Elementals
  4. The Silent Sweepers
  5. Frosted Fury
  6. Celestial Curlers
  7. Icebound Innovators
  8. Nordic Navigators
  9. Permafrost Pros
  10. The Ethereal Ends

Offbeat and Unconventional Choices

  1. The Icy Inklings
  2. The Frozen Fringe
  3. Arctic Alchemists
  4. The Glacial Guardians
  5. Quirky Curlers
  6. The Ice Idiosyncrasies
  7. Rink Rebels
  8. Frosty Phenoms
  9. Curlicious
  10. The Enigmatic Ends

Additional Unique Names

  1. The Frosty Phantoms
  2. Aurora Sweepers
  3. The Subzero Syndicate
  4. Chill Factor
  5. Ice Inferno
  6. The Boreal Broomers
  7. The Cryo Crew
  8. Frostfire
  9. The Arctic Architects
  10. Glacier Guardians

More Creative Inspirations

  1. Frostfire Force
  2. Icy Innovators
  3. The Frozen Force
  4. The Brooming Shadows
  5. Chill Champions
  6. Glacial Gladiators
  7. Frozen Fantasia
  8. The Ice Enthusiasts
  9. The Frostbound Flyers
  10. Arctic Ambassadors

These unique names offer a fresh and imaginative take on curling team names, perfect for teams looking to stand out on the ice. With creative, meaningful, and unconventional choices, these names can give your team a distinct and memorable identity.

curling team names

Cool Curling Team Names

Modern and Trendy Names

  1. Ice Titans
  2. The Chill Crew
  3. Arctic Blaze
  4. Frost Force
  5. The Ice Storm
  6. Snow Ninjas
  7. The Cold Commandos
  8. Frostbite Squad
  9. The Glacial Gang
  10. Snow Surge

Names Inspired by Pop Culture

  1. Winter Warriors
  2. Game of Stones
  3. Frozen Fury
  4. Ice Age Avengers
  5. Polar Express
  6. Chill Thrill
  7. Winterfell Warriors
  8. The Icy Avengers
  9. Coldplay Crew
  10. Blizzard Brigade

Edgy and Bold Team Names

  1. Ice Vipers
  2. Arctic Assault
  3. Frostbite Fighters
  4. The Cold Crushers
  5. Blizzard Battalion
  6. Snow Strikers
  7. Chill Killers
  8. Frost Force Five
  9. Glacier Guardians
  10. Icy Inferno

Additional Cool Names

  1. Ice Invincibles
  2. The Frozen Force
  3. Chill Champions
  4. Polar Pioneers
  5. Frost Faction
  6. The Ice Dynasty
  7. Cold Command
  8. Frosty Fighters
  9. The Arctic Aces
  10. Snow Sovereigns

More Trendy Inspirations

  1. Ice Elite
  2. The Frozen Flames
  3. Chill Chasers
  4. Frost Falcons
  5. The Cold Knights
  6. Ice Guardians
  7. Blizzard Brawlers
  8. Frosty Legends
  9. Arctic Alliance
  10. The Snow Kings

These cool team names are perfect for those looking to add a modern and edgy vibe to their curling team. Inspired by pop culture and exuding a bold attitude, these names can give your team a trendy and powerful presence on the ice.

Inspirational Curling Team Names

Names Reflecting Team Spirit

  1. Victory Sweepers
  2. Dream Team
  3. Unity on Ice
  4. Champions’ Circle
  5. Team Triumph
  6. Ice Ambition
  7. The Determined Sweepers
  8. Curling Crusaders
  9. Inspire on Ice
  10. Victory Stones

Motivational and Uplifting Names

  1. The Ice Achievers
  2. Spirit of the Ice
  3. Positive Pebbles
  4. Rise and Curl
  5. The Driven Curlers
  6. Ice Innovators
  7. Motivated to Curl
  8. Aspire on Ice
  9. The Uplifted Sweepers
  10. Optimistic Curlers

Names Inspired by Famous Curling Teams

  1. Team Canada
  2. The Olympic Dreamers
  3. World Champions
  4. The Scotties Stars
  5. Brier Battalion
  6. The Curling Legends
  7. Gold Medal Sweepers
  8. The Famous Four
  9. World Class Curlers
  10. The Curling Elites

Additional Inspirational Names

  1. Ice Victors
  2. Champion Curlers
  3. Dream Sweepers
  4. Inspired Sweepers
  5. The Triumphant Stones
  6. Glory on Ice
  7. Ice Idols
  8. Curling Conquerors
  9. Winners’ Circle
  10. The Glory Seekers

More Uplifting Inspirations

  1. Inspiring Ice
  2. The Motivators
  3. Winning Sweepers
  4. The Curling Heroes
  5. Ice Inspirations
  6. Curling Champions
  7. The Victory Vortex
  8. The Ice Pioneers
  9. Inspired Innovators
  10. Aspiring Achievers

These inspirational team names are designed to reflect the spirit, determination, and motivation of your curling team. Whether you’re aiming for championship glory or just looking to inspire each other on the ice, these names will help uplift and unite your team.

curling team names

Curling Team Names Based on Locations

Names Reflecting Cities and Countries

  1. The Toronto Sweepers
  2. Montreal Masters
  3. Vancouver Victory
  4. Calgary Curlers
  5. Ottawa Ice
  6. The Canadian Curlers
  7. New York Stones
  8. Chicago Chillers
  9. Boston Brooms
  10. Seattle Sweepers

Regional and Local References

  1. Prairie Sweepers
  2. Rocky Mountain Rollers
  3. Great Lakes Curlers
  4. Arctic Circle Sweepers
  5. The Coastal Curlers
  6. Southern Sweepers
  7. Midwest Masters
  8. Pacific Ice
  9. Desert Sweepers
  10. Atlantic Aces

Geographic and Cultural Influences

  1. Alpine Sweepers
  2. Sahara Stones
  3. Tundra Team
  4. Tropical Curlers
  5. The Highland Hurlers
  6. Savannah Sweepers
  7. The Fjord Fighters
  8. Rainforest Rollers
  9. The Outback Ice
  10. Taiga Team

Additional Location-Based Names

  1. Yukon Yellows
  2. The Redwood Rollers
  3. Amazon Sweepers
  4. The Andes Ice
  5. Caspian Curlers
  6. Balkan Brooms
  7. The Himalaya Hurlers
  8. Caribbean Curlers
  9. Patagonia Sweepers
  10. The Baltic Broomers

More Geographic Inspirations

  1. Iceland Ice
  2. Alaskan Avalanche
  3. Antarctic Sweepers
  4. The Nordic Curlers
  5. Mediterranean Masters
  6. Hawaiian Ice
  7. The Pyrenees Sweepers
  8. Great Plains Sweepers
  9. The Sahara Sweepers
  10. The Appalachian Curlers

These location-based names draw inspiration from cities, regions, and geographic features, giving your team a unique identity connected to a specific place. Whether you want to honor your hometown or evoke the spirit of a far-off land, these names provide a wide range of options to choose from.

Curling Team Names for Mixed Teams

Gender-Neutral Team Names

  1. The United Sweepers
  2. Ice Fusion
  3. The Curling Collective
  4. Team Harmony
  5. The Inclusive Ice
  6. Blended Brooms
  7. Equality on Ice
  8. Curling Companions
  9. The Balanced Stones
  10. Unified Sweepers

Names Celebrating Diversity

  1. The Diverse Curlers
  2. Rainbow Rollers
  3. Cultural Curlers
  4. The Unified Rink
  5. Team Kaleidoscope
  6. Global Sweepers
  7. Multicolor Curlers
  8. The Inclusives
  9. The Variety Sweepers
  10. The All-inclusives

Inclusive and Balanced Names

  1. The Curling Cohorts
  2. The Integrated Ice
  3. The Fair Play Sweepers
  4. Curling Allies
  5. The Symmetry Sweepers
  6. The Equalizers
  7. Team Equilibrium
  8. Balanced Broomers
  9. The Collaborative Curlers
  10. The Harmonious Stones

Additional Mixed Team Names

  1. Unity on Ice
  2. The Equitable Sweepers
  3. Curling Conglomerate
  4. The Synchronizers
  5. Team Tolerance
  6. Blended Blades
  7. The Merged Masters
  8. The Coexistent Curlers
  9. Diverse Dynamics
  10. Harmony on Ice

More Inclusive Inspirations

  1. The Combined Curlers
  2. Mixed Masters
  3. The Unifiers
  4. The Inclusive Inklings
  5. Curling Collaborators
  6. Unified on Ice
  7. The Joined Sweepers
  8. Symbiotic Sweepers
  9. Curling Cohesion
  10. The Teamwork Stones

These names celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and equality, making them perfect for mixed teams. By emphasizing unity, diversity, and collaboration, these names help to create a positive and welcoming identity for your curling team.

curling team names

Curling Team Names Inspired by Nature

Weather and Ice-Related Names

  1. Blizzard Busters
  2. Snowstorm Sweepers
  3. Frosty Rollers
  4. Iceberg Invaders
  5. The Avalanche
  6. The Snowflakes
  7. Polar Pioneers
  8. Winter Winds
  9. Glacier Guardians
  10. The Arctic Freeze

Animals and Wildlife References

  1. Polar Bears
  2. The Arctic Wolves
  3. Snowy Owls
  4. The Ice Foxes
  5. Penguin Patrol
  6. The Frosty Falcons
  7. Snow Leopards
  8. The Arctic Eagles
  9. Frozen Felines
  10. The Icy Insects

Environmental and Scenic Inspirations

  1. The Northern Lights
  2. The Glacial Peaks
  3. Snowy Meadows
  4. Frosty Forests
  5. The Frozen Tundra
  6. Chill Valleys
  7. The Crystal Caves
  8. Snow-Capped Summits
  9. Ice Lakes
  10. The Glacier Gliders

Additional Nature-Based Names

  1. Icebound Eagles
  2. The Frostbite Fighters
  3. Winter Wilderness
  4. The Arctic Blast
  5. Chill Chameleons
  6. Frozen Fawns
  7. The Snowfall Squad
  8. Frosty Pines
  9. Snow-Covered Peaks
  10. The Coldfront

More Natural Inspirations

  1. The Snow Drifters
  2. The Ice Crystals
  3. Winter Whispers
  4. Snowy Horizons
  5. The Glacial Giants
  6. The Frost Forest
  7. Snowland Sweepers
  8. The Frozen Fjords
  9. Winter Wonderland
  10. The Ice Bloomers

These nature-inspired names draw from the beauty and power of the natural world, making them ideal for teams that want to connect with the environment. Whether inspired by weather, animals, or scenic landscapes, these names bring a refreshing and dynamic element to your curling team’s identity.

Curling Team Names for Competitive Teams

Fierce and Powerful Names

  1. Ice Titans
  2. Blizzard Beasts
  3. The Cold Crushers
  4. Frost Force
  5. Glacier Gladiators
  6. The Ice Warriors
  7. Snowstorm Strikers
  8. Arctic Avengers
  9. The Ice Invaders
  10. Frozen Fury

Names Reflecting Strategy and Skill

  1. The Strategic Sweepers
  2. Precision Curlers
  3. The Tacticians
  4. Masterful Sweepers
  5. The Endgame Experts
  6. The Draw Masters
  7. The Stone Strategists
  8. The Rink Rulers
  9. Tactical Titans
  10. Ice Experts

Championship and Victory-Themed Names

  1. The Champions
  2. Victory Stones
  3. The Gold Medalists
  4. Brier Winners
  5. The Curling Kings
  6. Olympic Dreamers
  7. The Trophy Hunters
  8. Titleholders
  9. The Grand Masters
  10. The Victorious Sweepers

Additional Competitive Names

  1. Ice Dominators
  2. The Competitive Curlers
  3. The Game Changers
  4. Frosted Fighters
  5. The Icebreakers
  6. Rink Rulers
  7. The Ice Conquerors
  8. The Precision Players
  9. Glacial Goliaths
  10. The Frosty Phenom

More Competitive Inspirations

  1. Curling Commanders
  2. The Ice Elite
  3. The Sweep Savants
  4. The Frosty Phenoms
  5. Championship Sweepers
  6. Ice Innovators
  7. The Master Sweepers
  8. The Ice Authorities
  9. The Coldblooded
  10. The Grand Champions

These names are designed to convey a sense of strength, skill, and competitive spirit, perfect for teams aiming to dominate the rink. Whether you’re focused on strategy, power, or winning titles, these names will give your team a fierce and formidable identity.

Curling Team Names for Casual Teams

Relaxed and Fun Names

  1. Easy Sweepers
  2. The Chill Curlers
  3. Laid-Back Rollers
  4. Casual Curling Crew
  5. The Icebreakers
  6. The Relaxed Rocks
  7. Breezy Broomers
  8. The Cool Curlers
  9. The Leisure Sweepers
  10. The Easy Breezers

Social and Community-Focused Names

  1. The Friendly Sweepers
  2. Curling Companions
  3. The Social Stones
  4. Community Curlers
  5. The Ice Buddies
  6. Rink Mates
  7. The Gathered Group
  8. The Fun Bunch
  9. The Fellowship of the Rink
  10. The Ice Friends

Friendly and Approachable Names

  1. The Ice Pals
  2. The Jolly Sweepers
  3. The Curling Crew
  4. The Cheerful Curlers
  5. The Good Vibes
  6. The Merry Sweepers
  7. The Happy Hurlers
  8. The Amiable Ice
  9. The Frosty Friends
  10. The Fun Stones

Additional Casual Names

  1. The Cozy Curlers
  2. The Ice Jokers
  3. The Relaxation Station
  4. The Calm Curlers
  5. The Laid-Back League
  6. The Chill Squad
  7. The Pleasant Sweepers
  8. The Rink Revelers
  9. The Gentlemen Curlers
  10. The Ice Posse

More Relaxed Inspirations

  1. The Easygoing Sweepers
  2. The Breezy Stones
  3. The Leisure League
  4. The Comfort Curlers
  5. The Laid-Back Rinkers
  6. The Gentle Sweepers
  7. The Mellow Curlers
  8. The Frosty Fellowship
  9. The Fun-loving Sweepers
  10. The Happy Curling Crew

These names are perfect for casual teams looking to have fun and enjoy the social aspect of curling. With a focus on relaxation, community, and friendly competition, these names create a welcoming and approachable team identity.

Themed Curling Team Names

Holiday and Seasonal Themes

  1. Snowflake Sweepers
  2. Holiday Hurlers
  3. The Winter Wonders
  4. Festive Sweepers
  5. Yule Curlers
  6. Frosty Festivities
  7. Christmas Curlers
  8. New Year’s Sweep
  9. Holiday Harmony
  10. Winter Whirlwind

Names Based on Movies and TV Shows

  1. Game of Stones
  2. Frozen Sweepers
  3. The Curling Dead
  4. Hogwarts Hurlers
  5. Star Sweepers
  6. The Ice Avengers
  7. Broom Busters
  8. The Sweep Strikes Back
  9. The Rink Rangers
  10. The Ice Age

Names Inspired by Books and Literature

  1. The Ice Wardens
  2. Curling Chronicles
  3. The Great Sweepers
  4. Frosty Fables
  5. Curling Classics
  6. The Storybook Stones
  7. Epic Ice
  8. The Novel Sweepers
  9. The Frosty Tales
  10. Literary Sweepers

Additional Themed Names

  1. The Halloween Hurlers
  2. Valentine’s Vortex
  3. Easter Ice
  4. Summer Sweepers
  5. The Autumn Sweep
  6. Spring Stone Rollers
  7. The Seasonal Sweepers
  8. Themed Team Titans
  9. The Curling Seasons
  10. Holiday Heat

More Creative Inspirations

  1. Fantasy Sweepers
  2. Sci-Fi Sweepers
  3. The Historical Hurlers
  4. Mystery Sweepers
  5. Romantic Rollers
  6. The Adventure Sweep
  7. Epic Frost
  8. The Mythical Sweepers
  9. Curling Legends
  10. Themed Ice Innovators

These themed curling team names add an extra layer of fun and creativity to your team’s identity. Whether you’re inspired by holidays, movies, TV shows, books, or other themes, these names offer a wide range of imaginative and entertaining options to make your team stand out on the ice.


Choosing the right curling team name is an essential part of building team spirit and identity in curling.

Whether you’re aiming for a name that’s classic, funny, unique, cool, inspirational, location-based, mixed, nature-inspired, competitive, casual, or themed, there are countless options to suit your team’s personality and goals.

We hope this ultimate guide has provided you with plenty of inspiration and ideas to find the perfect name for your curling team.

curling team names pin
curling team names pin